About the Gender Justice League 

A club at the University of Colorado Boulder

The Gender Justice League is a club a part of the Women and Gender Studies Department at the University of Colorado Boulder. We are known for hosting Denim Days in the Norlin Quad, movie nights, craft nights, our zine, and lots of conversations. We aim to bring awareness of various topics through our activism. We know that 2020 has looked a lot different than any of us had ever anticipated. That's why this website is here. Here we will share a variety of things! From current important events such as helpful voting sources, to how we can continue supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement and much more. 

Activism (and it looks differently for everyone) can only remain sustainable if we take care of ourselves. Taking care can look like various things! Writing poetry, watching movies, dancing, cooking, meditating, various forms of art etc.... That's why you'll fine that on this website too!  

Some of the other things you can find on this website includes:

-music playlists & access to our podcast

-zine issues!



-motivational quotes

-simple self-care tips 

-pictures & other art forms

welcome! we're glad you're here :-)

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